Lightweight Concrete Solutions

Get the Job Done with a Lightweight Concrete Mix in Etobicoke, ON

When you’re in the construction business, your reputation is built upon the quality of jobs you complete, and that rests upon the quality of materials you use. When you choose our products at Lightweight Concrete Solutions, you are going to benefit by using a lightweight concrete mix in Etobicoke, ON, that’s been proven as strong and durable in the field and through controlled testing.

Test results show that our high-quality concrete truly meets that definition. We know our customers want to see accurate and real-world test results, so we use materials that come from Ready Mix truck batches. This holds true for prisms used for linear shrinkage and the cylinders used for RCPs, along with grout cubes. ASR Prisms and Micro-Deval samples are produced in EXP's lab. All of our concrete tests are complete and thorough and meet stringent CSA and ASTM standards.

Our concrete is light, but it’s strong and meets the desired strength in a week or less, and that reduces build times for your project. Thanks to the test results and level of performance, our structural concrete has also received US market approval.

Facts don’t lie, and you can see from some of the testing results posted here that our products are up to the job, regardless of what the job is.

Shotcrete Testing Grout Testing


Fall 2017 test results of one of the many mix designs available

Results Concrete Strength Test

Spring 2018 results of cool temperature testing below 5°C

Testing Concrete Cylinder Compressive Strength Test Report

2018 Temperature and strength monitoring concrete maturity curve

Temperature Report Temperature Monitoring Report