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Optimize your construction projects with Lightweight Concrete Solutions. Our company manufactures lightweight shotcrete in Etobicoke, ON. With our products, you will find it easier to construct buildings and structures while extending your bottom line. Expand your options, save on production costs, and improve your operations with our innovative concrete products.

Advantages of Shotcrete

Thanks to our ongoing research and development efforts, we have created a construction material that will revolutionize the construction industry. Shotcrete is a high-quality concrete that is as strong as it is versatile. It is a lightweight material which can be utilized for a variety of projects, including the construction of dams, high-rises, roadways, facilities, and also underwater construction.

Our structural concrete has a variety of benefits, thanks to its reduced mass compared to traditional concrete products. The lower mass and density results in a variety of benefits including fast curing times and reduced construction costs. On top of that, shotcrete retains its strength and durability. All in all, our structural shotcrete allows you to do more with less, and at a fraction of the concrete cost.

Another advantage of our pumpable, lightweight concrete is its impact on the environment. We source and manufacture our construction materials using environmentally responsible methods. As a result, we have developed a product which has a reduced carbon footprint. By utilizing this material, you will satisfy your clients’ request for an environmentally sound structure that retains its strength and durability.

Truck Pumping Mix Design

1300 density 35 MPA mix design being pumped in Innisfail, AB Canada

Pouring Mix

All of our materials are batched and mixed in conventional Ready Mix trucks.

Close Up of Mixing

Test Samples

All test samples come directly from materials batched in Ready Mix trucks. This includes prisms used for linear shrinkage and cylinders used for RCPs, as well as grout cubes. 

ASR Prisms and Micro-Deval samples are produced in EXP's lab.

Raw Material Comparison

Raw Material Comparison

Raw Material Weight Comparison

LWCSI Weight Advantage

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