Lightweight Concrete Solutions

Eco-Friendly Lightweight Concrete Mix in Etobicoke, ON

Ensure your construction project has a solid foundation with our lightweight concrete mix in Etobicoke, ON. We offer the highest quality, most durable concrete available so that you can feel confident that your structure stands tall and strong for years to come. No matter how ambitious your project is, we have the resources necessary to provide you with sturdy groundwork. 

At Lightweight Concrete Solutions, we’ve developed an environmentally-friendly and affordable ultra-light concrete solution that cures in seven days or less. You can improve your capabilities, increase your productivity, and save costs. With the power to do more, you can complete projects quickly and efficiently.

Lightweight Concrete and Flowable Grouts

Compared to brick, stone, and wood, structural shotcrete offers a strong, long-lasting foundation that is great for everyday use. LWCSI's high-quality lightweight concrete materials are extremely durable, and they provide a weight reduction of up to 1000 kg/m³, while also upholding favourable results for high-shear tests. All of our mix designs fall into a range of 0.35 to 0.45 water-cement ratio. Our groundbreaking mixed design products outperform all current lightweight concrete in coastal and underwater applications. 

Perfect for a Variety of Uses

By combining strength with a reduced heft, we can offer you the right lightweight concrete materials for your specific needs. Our mixes can be used in a variety of projects, including:

  • Mining Structures
  • Commercial Structures
  • Dams
  • Capital Projects
  • High-Rises (i.e. Columns & Floors)
  • Highway & Hospital Construction Projects
  • Pre-Cast Building Materials
  • Concrete Restorations

You’ll be equipped with the right green concrete materials to build your structures at a lower cost. The reduced weight means you can transport things easier, and the eco-friendly solution ensures you stay up-to-date with current business practices. Everything is manufactured in accordance with the latest sustainability guidelines so that you can reduce your project’s carbon footprint.

The Structural Shotcrete Advantage: Strong, Safe, and Green

Our revolutionary shotcrete mix is designed with strength, longevity, and ease of use in mind. It transports easily, which allows you to transport more construction materials at a fraction of the cost. Our lightweight concrete mix allows you to do more, for less.

Sustainability and green initiatives are on the rise, and companies have had to adapt to the increased demand for responsible materials production and construction methods. To that end, you can have confidence knowing that our shotcrete products will uphold your commitment to clients—and also the environment. We are proud to offer shotcrete as an environmentally friendly concrete solution.

Our company has specially formulated shotcrete, so that is comprised of green materials. It is also manufactured in accordance with the latest sustainability guidelines. When you use shotcrete, you can have confidence knowing that the results of your project will leave a reduced carbon footprint. Make the switch to green concrete materials, and do your part in protecting the environment for generations to come.

Contact us to learn how to make the switch to structural shotcrete. Our company is based in Etobcoke, ON, and serves clients throughout North America.