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LWCSI Patented Lightweight Materials

Your Premier Lightweight Concrete Company in Etobicoke, ON

When you can’t afford to settle for less than the best, Lightweight Concrete Solutions is the company to call for your construction materials. Our focus is on developing the highest quality products for discerning clients who hold stringent standards for resilience, responsibility, and efficiency. As your leading local lightweight concrete company in Etobicoke, ON, we offer distinct advantages: 

  • We are the first to market with lightweight concrete, shotcrete, and grout mix designs without admixtures to achieve full strength and have received U.S. patent approval
  • Most of our materials achieve designed strength in 7 days or less, significantly reducing build time
  • Internal curing naturally occurs across all mix designs due to our high tech approach
  • The lighter weight can reduce your substructure costs
  • Our shotcrete designs do not require silica fume
  • All testing complete to CSA and ASTM standards

Time, Cost, Quality Problem Solved. Pick All Three!

Staying competitive in today’s market means utilizing every advantage. Our structural, high-quality concrete lets you radically reorient your approach to leverage the optimization potential of modern technology. Take part in the future of cost-effective and environmentally conscious construction with materials that don’t force you to compromise on any aspect of your business.

Time, Cost, Quality


  • Quick & Low Cost = Lower Quality
  • Quick & High Quality = More Expensive

Now: Quick, High Quality, Cost Effective
Concrete cost is offset through saving on accelerated construction, decrease substructure cost, lower handling, and freight cost.

Embrace the Value of Environmentally Friendly, high-quality Concrete

Modern businesses and consumers want more from their construction contractors. In the age of unparalleled ecological awareness, you need the right materials to maintain your clients’ trust and establish yourself as a business that’s committed to exceptional standards for environmental ethics. There are a variety of unique benefits of shotcrete that we are proud of.

Our green concrete materials deliver a solution you can confidently present to your clients. In addition to their proven durability under pressure, they utilize natural materials to achieve the strength your projects need and allow you to reduce the overall impact that your process has on the environment. See the results for yourself when you choose us for your shotcrete and grout mix. We provice low concrete costs that you can depend on for any project.

Contact us to discover the latest developments in lightweight concrete. We proudly serve Etobicoke, ON, and the surrounding areas.

Market Differentiators

Market Differentiators